Innovative Design
Conceals tanks underground with modern designed operations buildings significantly minimizing odor and noise while reducing the facility’s footprint by 70%.
Customized Design Report™
Includes life cycle cost, project schedule, facility performance, conceptual design energy consumption, and project financings.
Total Solution™
A full service water infrastructure development company with customized offerings to fit any project.
Infrastructure Development
Providing a clear roadmap to enhance, maximize, and capitalize on the valuable asset of land.
Construction Management
We anticipate issues long before possible barriers become a costly reality
Asset Management
Maximize efficiency, lower cost and extend the life cycle of your infrastructure.
Strategic insight and solutions throughout all phases of your project.

Award Winning Innovation

Proven Solutions

PERC Water Corporation is an innovative water infrastructure company that develops, designs, builds, operates and manages water infrastructure throughout the United States. Our proven approach provides certainty in cost, schedule and performance resulting in highly efficient and environmentally sensitive solutions.

Johan Perslow-PERC Water

Established Team

Founded in 1998 by visionary engineer Johan Perslow, PE, PERC Water’s dedicated team of water infrastructure professionals and strong network of strategic partners bring over 250 years of combined experience and projects unrivaled in the industry.

Innovative Design

PERC Water’s revolutionary and efficient design conceals tanks underground with modern designed operations buildings significantly minimizing odor and noise while reducing the facility’s environmental footprint by 70% providing a neighbor friendly facility.



PERC Water offers a full scope of integrated infrastructure development services. Leveraging our innovative design reduces site footprints by 70% allowing land to be repurposed and redeveloped for commercial and residential uses.

Alternative Project Delivery

As a full service water infrastructure development company we can customize our offering to meet any project’s delivery needs. Benefits of alternative project delivery include reduced risk in schedule and cost.

Operations / Maintenance

The key element of our asset management program is our professional operations and management services team. Our team of seasoned water treatment professionals ensure the continued compliance and longevity of your infrastructure.

Advisory / Consulting

Our team brings over 250 years of combined industry experience in permitting, design, construction, operations and finance of water infrastructure projects. Our advisory services provide strategic insight and solutions throughout all phases of your project.


We are proud of our relationships with California Regional Boards, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and numerous federal and state agencies. PERC Water representatives are highly regarded as the consistent provider of professional asset management services through bringing underperforming facilities into compliance. 

Infrastructure Development

PERC Water utilizes creative design and vision to offer land reuse and repurposing opportunities to maximize and capitalize on the valuable asset of land for major water and wastewater projects.

Construction Management

We promote a collaborative and efficient construction process from project conception through startup. Our experienced team will manage budgets, constructibility and schedule to provide consistent predictable outcomes.

Concessions / Asset Management

Beyond leveraging data insights and establishing financial resources to maintain assets, our comprehensive management services maximize efficiency, lower cost and extend the life cycle of your infrastructure.

Public-Private Partnerships

Having developed the first 100% privately funded water recycling facility in the US, PERC Water is the leading industry expert and partner in P3 infrastructure projects.


  • It was a pleasure to work with PERC Water to deliver a successful product that incorporated creative and pioneering design concepts. My recommendation comes without reservation.

    Shane Trussell, PhD, PE, BCEE President, Trussell Technologies
  • The water recycling facility had the smallest footprint of all alternatives studied...I would not hesitate to again approve PERC Water to deliver another state-of-the wart water reclamation facility.

    Paul M. Sensibaugh, PE Former General Manager, Mountain House Community Services District
  • PERC Water immediately understood the constraints the APUA was working under and initiated the project development process immediately. Working with PERC Water has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have encountered.

    James Hart, PhD Former City Manager of City of Adelanto / Executive Director APUA
  • By using the DBOF process we were able to award the project and be assured the initial price proposal was going to be the cost at the end of the construction without any contingencies and overruns, and no change orders unless requested by the City.

    Robert Gonzales Former Mayor, City of Santa Paula
  • PERC Water offers to potential municipal partners a compelling project delivery approach, characterized by proven technology, innovative design, transfer of risk, certainty of project cost, and, ultimately, meaningful value for money.

    Thaddeus R. Wilson Vice President, M3 Capital Partners
  • PERC Water has been successfully providing Asset Management services for the Ione Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Castle Oaks Wastewater Recycling Facility, and the Collection System since 2009.

    Kim Kerr Former City Manager, City of Ione
  • PERC Water provided DBO services for the new regional water reclamation facility servicing the Asante Community located in the City of Surprise, Arizona. The project was designed and built to the satisfaction of Lennar Communities Development, Inc. and the City of Surprise.

    Scott M. Switzer Former Vice President, Land Acquisition, Lennar
  • PERC Water's approach is communication....PERC Water knows the business of recycled water and how valuable of resource recycled water is, and will be in the future. Their commitment to this business, their designs, and construction of facilities are evident that they are a leader in the recycled water industry. I  have and will continue to recommend PERC Water for the design, engineering, and construction of waste water facilities.

    Daniel Gho Director of Public Works, City of Pacific Grove