Vista Canyon Water Reclamation Facility

Santa Clarita, CA

Vista Canyon is an unincorporated area within the City of Santa Clarita. A total area of 185 acres will accommodate the development of 96 single-family residences, 1,021 multi-family residential units, and 950,000 square feet of commercial space, as well as a park and several community facilities. The Vista Canyon Specific Plan, which describes these elements in full, was approved by the City of Santa Clarita Board of Supervisors in 2011.

The Vista Canyon Water Factory (WF) will treat the wastewater generated by both the project and a portion of the existing flows from a City of Santa Clarita sewer line crossing the project site. All solids from the Vista Canyon WF will be sent to the Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District’s existing Valencia Water Recycling Facility for processing and disposal. Recycled water from the Vista Canyon WF will be delivered to Santa Clarita Valley Water as the wholesale water agency for the Santa Clarita Valley to offset existing water demands.

The Vista Canyon WF will have a treatment capacity of 415,000 GPD average dry weather flow facility designed around an Aero-Mod SEQUOX™ treatment process with two biological process trains, disc-filtration, and UV disinfection. The design of the building is intended to match the character of the community while providing protection for the treatment elements. Noise is minimized by the building enclosures and careful selection of equipment.

Delivery Method

CDR™ / Design / Build / Operate

Project Highlights

  • AeroMod + Tertiary Filtration + UV
  • Recycled Water Harvesting Factory
  • .415 MGD
  • Less than 1 acre footprint
  • Irrigation reuse
  • 100% privately financed