About Us

PERC Water is an innovative water infrastructure company that develops, designs, builds, operates and manages water infrastructure throughout the United States. Established in 1998, our unique project approach results in certainty of cost, schedule, and water quality for our clients. PERC Water can uniquely provide such certainty at an early stage of a project by leveraging our Customized Design Report (CDR™). Our trademarked and award-winning designs allow for an efficient and environmentally-sensitive solution to water recycling.

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Customized Design Report (CDR™)

PERC Water’s unique trademarked Customized Design Report (CDR™) program includes a comprehensive plan for any given project that results in certainty for our clients and allowing them to understand cost, schedule and performance in the very early stages of their project.

Full Project Scope

PERC Water can submit a CDR™ within 90 days that will include critical components such as life cycle cost, project schedule, facility performance, conceptual design, energy consumption, and project financings.

Reduce Risk

Our trademarked design allow us to provide low risk and certain outcome for our clients. In contrast to traditional design-bid-build, our CDRs™ are geared toward outlining all expectations at the outset of a project.

Certainty of Cost

Through our predictable design, the company provides certainty of cost, schedule and asset performance to its clients, and can offer such certainty at the early conceptual design stage of an infrastructure development project.

Total Solution™ Approach

Our trademarked Total Solution™ approach enables us to perform every aspect of the development of a water recycling facility from initial conceptual design through full operation of the facility. This is in stark contrast with the traditional project development approaches that typically involves at least seven principal parties and three separate contracts. Our Total Solution™ approach is proven to result in cost-saving construction techniques and a more economical design, which reduces life-cycle cost and limits our clients’ risk.


Requires only one contract for design and construction resulting in a single point of accountability for the client. Construction can begin before the design is complete and this overlap results in a more efficient use of time and cost.


Enables the client to work with the same integrated Design-Build entity to operate and maintain the facility after commissioning and startup. This approach transfers the risk of performance of the facility over the long term to the entity responsible for designing and building the facility. PERC Water has operated every facility we have designed and built.


Our best risk management alternative. Through our financial partner, we can finance the design, construction and startup the facility without any capital cost commitment required by the public agency. When facility operations begin, PERC Water and our financial partner will be paid a service fee by the public agency for the treatment and recycling of wastewater. This approach enables projects to begin immediately without delays.