Pacific Grove Water Recycling Facility

Pacific Grove, CA

PERC Water’s approach is communication….PERC Water knows the business of recycled water and how valuable recycled water is, and will be in the future. Their commitment to this business, their designs, and construction of facilities are evident that they are a leader in the recycled water industry. I have and will continue to recommend PERC Water for the design, engineering, and construction of waste water facilities.


Daniel Gho, Director of Public Works, City of Pacific Grove

Located at the scenic Monterey Peninsula, the “Local Water Project” – Pacific Grove Water Recycling Facility (WRF) provides 125 acre-feet per year of non-potable water for irrigating the City of Pacific Grove’s 18-hole golf course and cemetery. Through collaboration and problem-solving efforts of all team members, PERC Water delivered the City’s vision of a small, efficient, and affordable MBR water recycling facility.

The City’s clear goal was to eliminate potable water dependency for irrigation by building a water recycling facility that would provide a sustainable source of reuse water for irrigation. The City also expressed its desire to achieve absolute compliance with all regulatory requirements and allocate all risk to a single DB entity. With these objectives in mind, PERC Water designed, built, and now operates the WRF—a small 45 ft by 45 ft facility located in the back corner of the Pacific Grove Golf Links.  In line with the City’s wishes, the gray building draws little attention to itself and is camouflaged well in the foliage of the golf course.

The WRF includes a diversion structure, headworks/influent screening, biological treatment with a suspended growth/activated sludge process, membrane separation, UV disinfection, chlorine addition, concrete recycled water storage tanks, and a recycled water distribution pump station. The facility features noise and odor controls with architectural design, reducing visual impacts to the surrounding community. Concrete structures and stainless equipment were selected to withstand the corrosive coastal environment.

The Pacific Grove Water Recycling Facility is a milestone for both the City and this area of California as it represents a large step forward in reducing dependency on potable water.

Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove


Award of Merit – 2018 Best Water and Environmental Project

Delivery Method

  • Public Procurement RFQ / RFP Design-Build
  • Public Procurement Contract Operations and Maintenance

Project Highlights

  • 0.28 MGD
  • Golf course and City cemetery irrigation
  • Avoided implications of cease and desist
  • Reduced life-cycle cost
  • Cost competitive and expansion options
  • CA State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan
  • Construction on active golf course with minimal impact