Sundance Water Reclamation Facility

Town of Buckeye, AZ

The project was designed, built and operated to the satisfaction of Hancock Communities, Buckeye Land Management, Inc. and the Town of Buckeye.


John Keenum, Former President, Buckeye Land Management, Inc.

PERC Water provided Design/Build/Operate services for a Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) for the Sundance residential master-planned community located in Buckeye, Arizona. PERC Water’s unique Customized Design Report (CDR™) approach allowed the owner to obtain a guaranteed fixed capital cost, guaranteed operating cost and a guaranteed delivery schedule based on a conceptual design at a very early stage of the project. Phase I was completed in 2002 with a 1.2 MGD capacity. PERC Water completed the Phase II expansion to 3.5 MGD in 2009.

The Phase II WRF PERC Water ASP® designed facility utilized hybrid sequential batch reactor (SBR) activated sludge process for biological oxidation of organic matter and nutrient removal. It was designed, built and operated by PERC Water for the City of Buckeye. The WRF’s has a unique design whereby all treatment of wastewater occurs in underground concrete tanks that are covered with 8,000 square feet of operations buildings constructed above.

PERC Water’s scope of service included all aspects of the operation and maintenance for the WRF to include all labor required to operate and maintain the facility, process control and regulatory compliance, sample analysis and certified laboratory services, facility maintenance and repair, chemical and power consumption and preparation of a capital improvement plan and budget.

PERC Water’s Asset Management Division provided operations and maintenance for the Sundance WRF for a 9-year period before training City staff to take over operations.


Award of Merit – Valley Forward Association for Environmental Technologies

Delivery Method

Design / Build / Operate

Project Highlights

  • 3.5 MGD
  • 7.8 MGD (ultimate capacity)
  • 2 acres (per facility)
  • Hybrid-SBR + Tertiary Filtration + UV
  • Phase I: 6 months (design) / 12 months (construction)
  • Phase II: 8 months (design) / 18 months (construction)
  • Office, lab, and conference room
  • Irrigation use
  • 100% privately financed