Water, Wastewater and Utility Customer Service

Adelanto, CA

PERC Water immediately understood the constraints the APUA was working under and initiated the project development process immediately. Working with PERC Water has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have encountered.


James Hart, PhD, Former City Manager, City of Adelanto


Over the past decade, the City of Adelanto experienced residential growth and expansion increasing their wastewater flow beyond the capacity of their existing treatment facility. This caused the City to be in violation of their existing regulatory permits and forcing them to bypass wastewater flow to a neighboring utility for treatment. This practice was labor intensive and very costly for the City’s rate-payers. Under a design/build/operate agreement with the City, PERC Water provided an upgrade and expansion to the existing wastewater treatment facility. The upgraded facility has a 4.0 MGD capacity; produces effluent that meets California Title 22 reuse requirements; and treats 100% of the City’s wastewater. The treatment process includes influent screening, activated sludge process for biological oxidation of organic matter and nutrient removal, secondary clarification, tertiary filtration and chlorine disinfection. Currently, the treated effluent is stored in percolation ponds for ground water recharge. The upgraded facility went into operation in June 2013 allowing the City to be in compliance with all regulatory permit requirements.

PERC Water currently provides maintenance and operations for the facility including process control, regulatory compliance; sample analysis and certified laboratory services; facility maintenance and repair; chemical and power consumption; and preparation of a capital improvement plan and budget.


PERC Water provides operation and maintenance services for the City of Adelanto’s Potable Water Treatment and Distribution System. Our services include all day-to-day operational requirements; maintenance repairs; emergency callout 24/7 availability; operation of the ground water wells, water treatment and filtration system (iron, manganese, and arsenic removal), distribution system, meter reading, and water main leak repair. The distribution pumps provide continuous system pressure and deliver treated water to six water storage tanks with a total storage capacity of 21.75 MG.


PERC Water was also contracted to operate and manage the City’s Utility Billing and Customer Service Department for a period of three years. Our staff was co-located with City staff at City Hall to handle all customer service needs within the City.

PERC Water’s scope of service included all aspects of utility customer services including greeting residents as they entered City Hall to arrange for utility services, opening new accounts, making payment arrangements on current and overdue accounts, issuing work orders for field repair, uploading water meter readings, and processing monthly billing. After three years under PERC Water Management, the employees were transitioned back to the City.

Project Highlights

  • Utility services
  • Water operations
  • Collection system O&M
  • Customer service
  • Utility billing
  • Meter reading and replacement
  • Meter audits