Central PERC™

CeCentral Percntral PERC™ is a web application where all the current and historical data necessary to operate and manage water and wastewater infrastructure is centrally hosted and integrated within one platform that can be accessed and controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the world.

We leveraged years of data from our underlying design, construction and operations systems and created a secure, instant, one-point access point to a facility’s major components. This results in:
  • streamlined processes
  • increased productivity
  • more efficient operations
  • reduced O&M costs
  • consistent high water quality

Using an iPad, iPhone, or any other web-capable device anywhere in the world, an operator can:
  • access real-time information in the SCADA system with the confidence of a secure environment
  • find specific facility data in the O&M manual
  • review the historical water quality statistics in the laboratory information management systems
  • input maintenance activities into the maintenance system
  • watch streaming live video of the facility in operation
  • access facility systems after hours

Central PERC™ can support any of the systems required to operate and maintain water and wastewater infrastructure.

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