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Through extensive research and experience, PERC Water has formulated and trademarked an activated sludge process design – the PERC Water ASP® Design. This exclusive design allows for an efficient and environmentally-sensitive solution to water recycling.

The PERC Water ASP® Design guarantees:
  • ­The highest water quality – The water quality is guaranteed to meet or exceed permit requirements
  • ­A small environmental footprint – All water treatment takes place underground, which allows clients to use the land around the treatment facility for alternate uses
  • ­Neighbor-friendly facilities – Covered process tanks allow for maximum odor control and noise reduction
  • ­Guaranteed performance – Based on a preliminary design at a very early stage of the project, PERC Water can provide a guaranteed fixed capital cost,
    guaranteed operating cost and a guaranteed delivery schedule
  • ­Significant cost savings – Cost-sensitive design features like common wall construction
    and less yard piping/conduits creates significant capital savings
  • ­Scalability – The modular system can be tailored and phased for any capacity or environment
  • ­Efficiency – The compact design requires less overall facility management
The PERC Water ASP® Design functions with various recycling processes, including:
  • ­ Hybrid Sequential Batch Reactor
  • ­ Membrane Bio-Reactor
  • ­ Bardenpho®
  • ­ Modified Ludzack Ettinger
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