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PERC Water’s water recycling facilities are remarkably unique and highly recognizable. Unlike the open treatment tanks that have long been an industry standard, PERC Water’s tanks are built underground using common-wall construction. The benefits of this innovative design include:
  • ­Maximum odor control and noise reduction – The covered process tanks eliminate the unpleasant offsite odors and noises that typically surround a traditional wastewater treatment facility
  • ­Minimal land use – The client can use surplus land for alternate uses, which saves money and space
  • ­Aesthetically-pleasing facilities – The operations buildings built above the process tanks are designed to complement the surrounding community
  • ­Scalability – Our modular system can be tailored and phased for any capacity or environment
  • ­Recycling Educational Center – Facilities can feature an area where citizens and students from the surrounding community can have a hands-on experience and learn about the water recycling process
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