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City of El Mirage - El Mirage Facility

Location: El Mirage, Arizona
Project Type: Design-Build-Operate
Capacity: 3.6 MGD
Footprint: 1.75 acres
Process Design: Hybrid Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

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In 1999, the City of El Mirage was experiencing tremendous growth. Unfortunately, the City’s water recycling facility did not have the capacity to handle the growth and was also found to be out of compliance. As a result, Maricopa County threatened to place a moratorium on all future growth and new sewer hookups in the City until a new facility was online. Understandably, the City’s demands created an urgent problem for area developers.

After a stringent review process, PERC Water was selected to design, build and operate the City’s new facility. Despite an extremely tight project schedule to bring the first initial phase online – just five months for design and 14 months for construction – PERC Water was able to deliver a facility that saved the City approximately $5.5 million (when compared to other alternatives). The El Mirage Water Recycling Facility has a 3.6 MGD capacity that treats wastewater to class A+ effluent, meets the highest water quality standards and can service approximately 14,400 homes.

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