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Mountain House Community Services District - Mountain House Facility

Location: Mountain House Community Services District
Project Type: Design-Build-Operate
Capacity: 3.0 MGD expandable to 5.4 MGD
Footprint: 1.0 acres
Process Design: Hybrid Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)

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PERC Water’s innovative ASP® design made it possible for the Mountain House Water Recycling Facility to provide six times the capacity of the former facility on one-tenth the land. Phase I was completed in July 2005 and provides a 3.0 MGD capacity, which can support approximately 12,000 homes. Future phases will allow for an ultimate capacity of 5.4 MGD, supporting approximately 21,600 homes. All existing treatment systems are decommissioned, which allows for expanded land use.

In 2006, Global Water Intelligence awarded the Mountain House facility the Highly Commended Award in its annual “Water/Wastewater Project of the Year” awards, stating that “one day all wastewater treatment plants will be built with (PERC Water’s) degree of concern for the environment.” GWI called this facility “clever because it offers nearly six times the capacity of the original plant using just one tenth of the land.” It was commended as one of the first chemical-free treatment facilities in the United States.

The Mountain House facility was also awarded with the “Best Project – Developer Design-Build” award presented by the 2008 Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) Western Pacific Region Awards competition. This facility was selected as result of its “unique design whereby all treatment of wastewater occurs in below ground tanks that are covered with 14,000 square feet of operations building constructed above the tanks.” Click here to learn more about this facility’s accolades in the Awards section.

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